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What is pharmacy is explained using an example

The other day, I was working and a young mother brings in a prescription for her newborn. The baby had been born a few weeks early and had spent more than two weeks in a regional neonatal intensive care unit. After some time, the baby had been stabilized on a particular cardiac/diuretic medication and was seen fit to be sent home. The hospital pharmacy had compounded the medication and sent it home with the mother.

After a couple days, the mother took her baby to the local pediatric specialist who is also affiliated with the regional neonatal unit. This pediatrician wrote a follow-up prescription for the medication based on the label on the current container. The mother brought the prescription to us late that afternoon and dropped it off. She still had some of the other medication and did not need this one for a couple days. We processed the prescription and set it in our compounding file to put together the next morning.

The next morning, before I began to compound the medication, I wanted to verify the dose. I did not have the patient’s weight, so I did some average calculations. I checked two other resources and based on my calculations, the dose was approximately 3 times the maximum recommended dose for this size child. I discussed this with my colleague and I also checked in with an inpatient pharmacist. We all agreed, the dose, as ordered, was not the correct dose.


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