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We have received many inquiries about medical consulting jobs, an exciting and growing area of healthcare. Therefore, we created this resource page for those interested in healthcare consulting careers.

What is healthcare consulting?

Healthcare consultants are professionals that deal with the business aspect of healthcare. They are healthcare administrators or healthcare managers that consult independently or work for a healthcare consulting firm.

What do healthcare consultants do?

Healthcare consultants provide expertise to healthcare establishments in areas such as finance, process improvement, marketing, insurance, billing, coding, regulations and compliance, healthcare quality standards, health information technology (health IT), and many more. These healthcare professionals are vital to our healthcare system. Healthcare consultants provide additional expertise or support for projects.

What are other names for healthcare consultants?

Healthcare consultants are also called healthcare business consultants, healthcare managers, healthcare administrators, medical or health services managers, healthcare administrators, healthcare executives, and managed care executives. They are called consultants because they are not full-time employees of the establishments that employ their services.

What are the education requirements?

There are a number of graduate degrees in this field. Examples include Masters of Public Health (MPH), Master of Business Administration in Hospital Management (MBA-HM), Master of Health Services Administration (MHSA), and Master of Public Administration. Doctors, pharmacists, and nurses are also entering the healthcare consulting field. National Society of Certified Healthcare Business Consultants (NSCHBC) educates, certifies and sets standards for healthcare consultants.

What is the career outlook for healthcare consulting?

The Bureau of Labor and Statistics projects a 22% growth or 68,000 additional healthcare management jobs from 2010 to 2020. This is a faster rate than the average growth rate for all occupations. Growth will be driven by changes in healthcare law, aging of the baby boomer population, and new healthcare models. This will also drive demand for healthcare consultants.

Where do healthcare consultants work?

They provide services in healthcare settings such as hospitals, clinics, medical practices, nursing homes, insurance companies, the military, government, public health departments, and universities. Medical groups such as healthcare management organizations (HMOs) and Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) also employ healthcare consultants.

Healthcare consulting firms also employ healthcare consultants. According to Modern Healthcare the largest healthcare management consulting firms are Deloitte Consulting, Advisory Board Co., Huron Healthcare, Dell Services, Navigant Consulting, ACS, Quorum Health Resources, Ernst & Young, FTI Consulting, and GE Healthcare.

Where can I find more information about healthcare consulting?

These organizations provide education, certification, and business support for healthcare consultants.

Healthcare consulting jobs by category

Healthcare consulting jobs have many titles and consultants are employed in many practice areas. First narrow down the practice setting, geography, and type of job you want. Then visit the RxEconsult job board where you can view 1000s of healthcare consulting jobs and healthcare management jobs. Here are some broad search results for healthcare consulting job openings across the country. You can refine the search with your own search criteria.

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