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We have received many inquiries about finding medical jobs, especially entry level nursing jobs, pharmacy jobs, pharmaceutical jobs, and healthcare management jobs. Therefore, we developed this page to provide career development resources for those interested in the medical field.

What is the job outlook for the medical field

Despite job shortages over the last few years due to the slow economy, experts project that the healthcare sector will grow in the coming years. The Bureau of Labor and Statistics projects growth of 26% in nursing jobs; 25% growth in pharmacy jobs; 24% growth in physician and surgeon jobs, 39% growth in physical therapist jobs, 33% growth in occupational therapist jobs, between 2010 and 2020. Which is much faster than the projected growth for all job sectors.

Doctors, nurses, pharmacists and other medical professions that require advanced degree are not the only professions that will experience job growth. Experts forecast increased need for medical records and health information technicians (21% growth); pharmacy technicians (32%), medical assistants (31%), dental assistants (31%), dental hygienists (38%), occupational therapy assistants and aides (41%), diagnostic medical sonographers (44%), and physical therapist assistants and aides (45%).

What are growth drivers for medical jobs

Growth in medical jobs will be driven by new health technologies, more insured individuals, greater focus on prevention, more home healthcare, and a greater demand for healthcare services as baby boomers age. The Affordable Care ACT (ACA) will probably have the largest impact on healthcare employment opportunities. The ACA will add 32 million previously uninsured individuals to the healthcare pool. Healthcare models like accountable care organizations (ACO) will provide new challenges and opportunities for medical professionals. Careers in health are still a good investment for those considering careers options.

Medical Jobs by Category

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