RxEconsult Press Release Date: 11-29-2012

Most viewed articles on RxEconsult Healthcare Network.   View More

RxEconsult adds RSS NewsFeed for Articles. Date: 11-29-2012

RxEconsult adds RSS Feed for web visitors to easily access expert written healthcare and healthcare business articles. The news feed icon is located at the footer of each page next to the other social icons. By subscribing via newsfeed visitors will receive new articles in their email box of via a newsfeed reader.
Simply click on the RSS icon (orange icon) and follow the prompts.

RxEconsult Press Release Date: 11-27-2012

RxEconsult Healthcare Social Network Launches Its New Platform   View More

What's Happening at RxEconsult Date: 11-20-2012

What is the value of niche professional healthcare networks? View latest jobs, articles, discussions, and community updates   View More

What's Happening at RxEconsult Date: 11-5-2012

RxEconsult version 2.0 is a hit. View latest jobs, articles, and RxEconsult community update.   View More

What's Happening at RxEconsult Date: 10-27-2012

RxEconsult version 2.0 is now available. The site has been redesigned and re-imagined for businesses and professionals in health related fields to promote their expertise, experience, network, and find jobs and opportunities. This new design moves RxEconsult Healthcare Network from concept to full development.   View More

The Honest Apothecary reviews RxEconsult. Date: 10-27-2012

Jason Poquette, BPharm, R.Ph gives his impression of RxEconsult and calls all pharmacists to check out RxEconsult.   View More

Join Our Linkedin Group Date: 9-18-2012

Join our Linkedin group Businesses | Professionals in Health Related Fields for timely network updates.   View More

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