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We have received many inquiries about finding nursing jobs, especially entry level nursing jobs. Therefore, we developed this page to provide career development resources for nurses.

What is the job outlook for nurses

Despite job shortages over the last few years due to the slow economy, nursing is still a great health care career. The Bureau of Labor and Statistics projects growth of 26% in nursing jobs between 2010 and 2020. Which is much faster than the projected growth for all jobs.

What are growth drivers for nursing jobs

Growth in nursing jobs will be driven by new health technologies, more insured individuals, greater focus on prevention, more home healthcare, and a greater demand for healthcare services as baby boomers age. The Affordable Care ACT (ACA) and healthcare models like accountable care organizations (ACO) provide new opportunities for nurses. The ACA will add 32 million previously uninsured individuals to the healthcare pipeline. Your nursing education will not go to waste.

What are some important trends in nursing

  • There will be an increased need for advanced practice registered nurse (APRN)
  • Nurses trained in managing chronic diseases, hospice, long-term care, and home health will be in demand.
  • Demand for nurses will remain high.

What are some tips for finding entry level nursing jobs

  • Part-time or volunteer healthcare jobs before graduation provide valuable experience and references.
  • Obtain certifications (e.g., CPR) that do not require a nursing degree or license.
  • Attend career days at local hospital or colleges.
  • Be flexible and have realistic expectations. Start your job search before you graduate.
  • You may have to move to gain your first job. You can always move back to where you want to live.
  • Follow the path less traveled. If there is a shortage of nurses in a certain sector then start there.
  • Residency and fellowship programs are a good way to gain the experience you need.
  • Consider working in other industries such as insurance companies and pharmaceutical companies.
  • Consider obtaining post graduate credentials so you can compete for higher level jobs.
  • Join your nursing association.
  • Use social media to network and promote yourself.

What are some tips for managing a nursing career

  • Network offline and online
  • Continuous education
  • Specialize
  • Follow nursing trends
  • Join your associations
  • Publish articles so you can promote your expertise

Here are nursing jobs across the country

The RxEconsult job board has 1000s of nursing jobs at all levels and all specialties. Search several thousand websites from our platform. Here are some examples.

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