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New year resolutions for healthcare professionals


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It is the New Year, and it is tradition to start making your list of resolutions. The field is wide open for healthcare professionals (HCPs) to make big or small contributions. As I reflect on my professional accomplishments from the previous year, I am mapping my possibilities for the future. Here are some examples of resolutions for healthcare professionals.  

  1. Write: The opportunities to really challenge yourself by writing on a topic of interest to you are plentiful. Perhaps your facility has a newsletter, or consider a professional journal that aligns with your expertise. I have enjoyed contributing articles to RxEconsult. Consider submitting a brief article yourself and take that first step towards becoming an author.
  1. New Skill: We have access to a world of skills to learn or enhance. If you are a new HCP in the clinical setting, consider learning a process or procedure. If you are interested in healthcare leadership, take a course in public speaking or project management. Regardless of your role in healthcare there are always opportunities to add to your toolbox of skills.
  1. Education:  Healthcare professionals are often presented with a number of post graduate education opportunities. Determine the degree you are interested in obtaining. This may be furthering your core education such as in Nursing or Pharmacy. However, you have the opportunity to pursue supplementary degrees such as in business or public health as well.
  1. Health/Science Fairs: This can be a great way to get more involved in your community. Contact the local high schools and middle schools and see if they need professional assistance or judges. Your background as a HCP will be greatly appreciated.
  1. Donate Time/Treasure/Talent: There are many non-profit organizations hat need your specialized skill set to improve their mission.  Initiate a relationship or two with a local charity and start watching for the volunteer opportunities to open up.
  1. Make an extra special connection: Make it a stretch goal to find a new way to meaningfully engage your patients. When I was a bedside pediatric nurse I occasionally arrived early to read a comic book to patients then let him or her keep the comic book after we were done. What a treat for both of us!
  1. Join a professional organization: One of the hallmarks of a professional is belonging to an association of your peers. These organizations are made stronger through membership. Join and contribute, attend their meetings, or just read their journals. You will definitely find something interesting along the way.
  1. Be active in a committee: This may be at your facility or professional organization. These committees are often the place where new ideas or recommendations for practice start.
  1. Teach/Mentor: Are you in a place in your career where you can become an adjunct professor? This is a big step and responsibility, but certainly can be professionally rewarding. If not, consider mentoring a new graduate or find other coaching opportunities in your community to improve understanding of your particular healthcare role.
  1. Find new ways to have fun with your career: All the above are ways to enhance and have fun with your career, but certainly it is not exhaustive. What is your passion? Why did you become a healthcare professional? Make this New Year the time to rekindle that passion and renew your dedication to your patients, your profession, and most importantly, yourself. 

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