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Finding Non-Clinical Pharmaceutical Industry Jobs for Doctors

When doctors talk about non-clinical career transitions or alternative careers, there are a few consistent themes. Some doctors wish to leave clinical practice to avoid the hassles of malpractice exposure, uncertain reimbursement patterns, and the stress associated with practicing medicine. Yet others want to leave clinical practice as a means to become a part of new and exciting developments in medical technology and advances in science. The pharmaceutical industry is a fitting option for doctors from both camps.

While physicians who want to find a regular job can find a place in the pharmaceutical industry, physicians who want to work in a cutting edge environment can also find a professional home in the pharmaceutical industry. However, doctors who want to make this transition frequently find themselves frustrated if they take only small preliminary steps to find a new, non-clinical job. The reason for this is that small steps usually don’t materialize to achieve anything. Doctors all to often approach career transitions hesitantly, taking one step forward and two steps back, due to a number of reasons. Doctors often fear rejection when approaching non-clinical jobs. The fear of rejection is validated when a doctor makes a feeble attempt at approaching a pharmaceutical job, only to see that the job inquiry is overlooked or rejected. Many doctors are also unsure whether they want to make a career transition into the pharmaceutical field in the first place-thus approaching a job opportunity half heartedly, again without a fruitful result. A good way to avoid this frustration is to become well informed. A well-informed doctor is a confident doctor. And a confident doctor is the one who will not only get his or her foot in the door, but also triumph.

Medical career options are becoming a more important career step for many doctors. While the pathway to professional success in the non-clinical work force is not taught in medical school, doctors who find a way to know what they are doing during this process will find greater satisfaction in achieving their goals. A medical degree is no longer a one-size-fits-all recipe for success. It is a tool that doctors can use in numerous ways throughout a long lasting and healthy career for the betterment of society as a whole. Thus, doctors who look at the pharmaceutical world with the ‘grass is greener’ glasses do themselves a great service when they take the time to become well informed about the pharmaceutical work environment. This preparation phase is useful in learning about whether the transition would be a good fit, and in building the confidence and knowledge necessary so that the right approach will be used in the process of finding the right job. Doctors who are looking for non-clinical careers can find a place in the pharmaceutical industry. The job search requires some time to research the field in order to make the transition more successful.


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