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Pharmaceutical jobs for physicians


I have seen several posts on professional message boards about medical doctors that are unhappy with their jobs; medical practice has not turned out to be what they envisioned. Some feel trapped because they have accumulated debt from college loans and do not think there are other jobs that will pay them as well if they leave medical practice. Some doctors are dissatisfied with the healthcare system and feel that they work too hard for far too little compensation. If you are exploring alternative careers for medical doctors then consider the pharmaceutical industry. It makes sense that pharmaceutical companies hire medical professionals because these professionals understand medicine, caring for patients, the healthcare system, and they can influence their peers. All the years of residency and fellowship, years of clinical practice, board certifications, your relationship with your peers, and your research and publications are very valuable skills that can land you a very satisfying and lucrative position in the pharmaceutical industry. The pharmaceutical industry presents several options for doctors who are comfortable in a business environment and can apply their knowledge of healthcare and healthcare systems to support the objectives of a pharmaceutical company.

What Qualifications Do Doctors Need For Pharmaceutical Jobs?

There are entry level positions for doctors who did not complete residency and the pay for these positions are much higher than what you would receive as a resident or fellow. (You are better off completing your residency and fellowship). As you gain more experience and transition into other roles your compensation will increase considerably. The highest paying jobs require doctors with several years of experience, are specialized in a therapeutic area, and have achieved national recognition. Specialization in a therapeutic area that the pharmaceutical or medical device company manufactures products for is very desirable. For example, a company that manufactures cardiovascular drugs or devices would want a cardiologist on their medical team. In addition to their professional knowledge, pharmaceutical companies want doctors as part of their team because of their relationships with key thought leaders in their area of expertise. After all, one major objective for pharmaceutical companies is building relationships with top influencers. Doctors that have the desired connections can find very comfortable and enjoyable roles in the pharmaceutical industry.

Research and Medical Affairs departments of pharmaceutical companies are where you will find most positions for medical doctors. Medical doctors also work in regulatory, medical marketing, and sales. Here are some examples of pharmaceutical industry jobs for doctors. These are not the only opportunities. Use our healthcare career center; plug in your search terms and explore the jobs that are available in the pharmaceutical industry.

Here are examples of pharmaceutical industry jobs for doctors. Select links for current openings and requirements for each type of position.


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