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Help me find a healthcare  job


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Does the phrase "help me find a job in healthcare" apply to you? Help me find a job or find me a job is a common request that we receive. There are thousands of job boards. Healthcare Careers is visited by thousands of healthcare professionals and healthcare employers use it to find qualified candidates. However finding a job is more than finding job listings. If you need help finding a healthcare job here are some job finding tips to consider.

Obtain the proper credentials and build a great resume

Identify the type of job you are seeking and make sure you have the credentials and experience that employers are looking for. One way to research jobs is to use job boards to review job postings and see what qualifications employers are looking for. Obtain the necessary credentials if you do not have them.

Once you know what employers are looking for and you have the qualifications, you need a great resume that highlights your qualifications and experience. To really set yourself apart from other candidates you should also include your top accomplishments along with your previous responsibilities.

Let employers and recruiters find you

Identify where you would like to work, visit the website of the companies and submit your resume so they can contact you when they have openings that matches your credentials. Many companies also have automated job notifications that will send you job openings to consider based on keywords that you selected.

Top job sites allow you to submit your resume and set up an automated job search. Employers also search posted resumes for qualified candidates. Let employers find you.

Professional networking sites like Linkedin have job listings and are a great way to network with employers and other professionals. Complete your profile so you are visible in search results. Join Linkedin groups in your specialty and participate in group conversations. Remember to join niche professional networks for your area of specialty (for example, RxEconsult for healthcare) and use all the networking and professional development features. Just squatting in a social network will not help you find a job.

Network, then Network some more

Networking starts with people you already know, especially in your area of expertise. Make a list, get in touch with all your colleagues and let them know you are looking for a new job. Ask them to introduce you to other people they know and forward your resume to their contacts.

Social networks make it easier to network and be discovered. Become active on Linkedin and niche networks for your specialty. Remember that there are thousands to millions of people on these networks so becoming visible will take more than just your profile and posted resume. Join groups, start and join discussions, invite people to connect, and follow companies. If the network allows you to publish articles, for example RxEconsult, then take advantage of it and use the power of the internet to market yourself.

Tips for using job boards

Here are some tips on finding jobs by using job boards.

Make a list of all the keyword that employers use to describe the type of job you are looking for. Different employers may describe the same type of job by different names

Search broadly then narrow your search depending on the number of jobs you retrieve.

Do not only search using the exact title that you are looking for.

Some job boards display related jobs. Use this feature to enhance your search and discover related jobs.

Try searching by your credentials and industry (for example pharmacist and pharmaceutical industry) to find jobs that you qualify for that are not posted under the search terms you are using or are unique roles. This is also helpful if you are researching a new industry.

Use job boards to find employers and recruiters who are hiring in your field and connect with them through social networks.

Use job boards to research salaries so you have an idea of competitive salaries in your field.

We hope these suggestions will help you find a job and we wish you luck in your job search. Share this article with your colleagues who need help finding a job.


Post Your Resume, Apply For Jobs, Set Job Alerts At Healthcare Careers


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