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Video resume

Why should you create a video resume

While anyone who has ever applied to a job is familiar with the traditional paper resume, far fewer are familiar with the relatively new phenomenon of video resumes. As the name suggests, these are resumes in video format that are often posted online for prospective employers. While video resumes do not replace traditional resumes, videos are good for allowing potential employers to get a better feel of the candidate, including their basic presentation skills. This means that they are best used in conjunction with a traditional resume and interview process since they are essentially meant as supplement to traditional documents. So while the video will usually not be the ultimate determining factor in whether you get hired, it can be valuable for getting one’s foot in the door for an interview.

What should you keep in mind when filming yourself

  • The number one rule is be professional.
  • Dress the same way you would dress if you were interviewing in person and behave in the same manner.
  • Look at the camera.
  • Make sure your body is correctly framed and not cut off at awkward angles.
  • Make sure you are filming in a quiet place. You don’t want to record background noise.
  • You also want to make sure that your video’s background is appropriate.
  • Speak in a clear and professional manner.
  • Be time conscious. A one to three minute video is considered to be appropriate.

What should you avoid doing

Unless this is something that you actually do for a living, do not fill your video with special effects and green screen backgrounds. Try not to fidget while on camera. Constant rocking back and forth does not present well to others. If you are concerned that this will be a problem, try bracing yourself against a wall or filming yourself while sitting (do not slouch). Do not read off a script. This includes hiding the script behind the camera. People will be able to see your eyes moving back and forth as your read. Do not place the camera at a low or high angle relative to your face. It will look unprofessional when filmed.

What should you talk about

Potential employers want to hear why you would be a good job candidate, not your entire life story and all your hobbies. If you would not feel comfortable discussing it in person, it should not be in your video. A good basic outline is introduce yourself, talk about your professional work and why you would be a good employee and finish by thanking the viewer for their time and consideration. As long as you practice your speech beforehand, this should result in a smooth and coherent video that you can post online for employers.

What video camera should I use

You can film your video resume using a basic video camera. This can be anything from a home video camera to your laptops webcam. You simply want to make sure that your device has a good resolution and audio quality. The best way to ensure this is a test run with the camera where you simply check to make sure its visual and audio components are working properly. After filming, simply upload the file to your computer and convert it to popular video formats that are suitable for web viewing and sharing. Since most people will not be dealing with complex effects, any basic video editing software should be sufficient for basic cropping and cutting out parts of the video you do not want shown. Once you have finished editing, it is time to upload your resume.

Where can I post my video resume

Posting your resume online gives you a link that you can share on social networks and forward to employers rather than sending your video file by email. Many jobs boards and social networking forums, for example RxEconsult, allow you to post a video resume as well as a paper resume. Individuals sometimes also upload the video to a YouTube account, providing them a link they can share. This is usually not the best option as YouTube is not designed to be a forum for finding jobs. The most important thing is to make sure your video is formatted properly for viewing so test it after posting it. With a little time and effort, a video resume can be a finishing touch to an online professional profile.

Where can I see examples of video resumes

You can follow these links to see some examples of video resumes.

Colleen Malloy's Video Resume

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