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Unique Ways To Integrate Wearable Tech Into Your Everyday Lifestyle Category: Digital Technology by - April 20, 2017 | Views: 16961 | Likes: 1 | Comment: 0  

Wearable tech and fitness

Wearable tech is on an upward unprecedented rise, there is no denying this. However, despite the scale of the ground-breaking innovations and ingenious inventions that we have seen in the past decade, there is a general feel that most of us are not making the most of the wearable devices readily available at our disposals. Here is a quick primer on how you can easily integrate affordable wearable gadgets into your lifestyle to improve your productivity, health, personal safety, and work-life balance. 

1. Smartwatches, Punctuality, and Office Health 

At the moment, with less than a paltry $300, you can purchase a decent smartwatch that can do more than making a flashy fashion statement. For instance, Apple Watch and Sony Smartwatch 3 are some of the good examples of wearable devices that allow the user to set hourly alarms that could be beneficial in reminding them to take short healthy breaks while at work.

In fact, these timely 'seating alarms' can significantly reduce your risk of developing lifestyle diseases that stem from leading a sedentary way of life. They can also be a good way of minimizing the strain you put on your eyes when you spend colossal amounts of time behind your laptop's screen. What's more, you can be sure that you won't be missing any calls, emails or messages as you can sync your phone's contacts with the watch's notifications software. Those important beeps are sent directly to you. 

2. Fitness and Personal Health 

This is arguably one of the biggest contributions of wearable tech in our modern lives. If anything, with progressive gadgets such as Fitbit, you can maximize the benefits you get from a regular workout routine - be it simple daily jogging or the compound exercises you do at home using rowing machines. Speaking of which, these rowing machines are becoming increasingly popular for working out the lower body, which includes one's leg muscles, quads, calves, and glutes.

And with the aid of a fitness tracker such as FitBit, you can work up an effective low-impact cardio using these machines without leaving the comfort of your apartment. The same applies to golf GPS bands and waterproof fitness trackers that give golfers and swimmers a comprehensive analysis and breakdown of their physical performance. 

3. Create a safer, healthier and Pain-free World

Personal safety, especially in sports and rigorous training drills, is one of the main drivers of wearable tech. More and more smartwatch apps and assorted devices are being churned out to improve a user's safety levels. Pain relief patches, for instance, can be used to cover injured/inflamed parts of the body in the aftermath of a serious accident during play.

In the same way, smart compression shirts made for baseball players can conveniently warn you when you're likely to tear a ligament or pull a muscle when pitching. And did you know that you can use Google smart glasses to avoid checking your phone during long drives and still stay updated with all important notifications from family, friends, and colleagues? Or what about the sleep tracker that allows you to know if you're getting enough sleep every day and how to improve your slumber habits? 

There are more than a hundred ways of taking advantage of the numerous inventions that wearable gadgets have made possible today. Which one is your favorite one?

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